Parent Involvement

Teachable Moments strongly believes that daily communication strengthens the bonds between our teachers and the families we serve, and is a key component for a successful early learning experience. Parents are encouraged to take a moment when dropping off and picking up their children to communicate with their child’s teachers.  Our teachers and directors are available to parents for formal and informal conferences. Open communication between parents, teachers, and administration fosters a sense of trust and respect for one another, which serves as a positive model for the children.

Open Door Policy

We welcome parental involvement and actively encourage parents to drop in and visit with their child at any time.  Parents may want to drop by to share a meal with their child’s class, read a story, teach a song, or present an activity. If a parental activity or presentation requires materials or an extended block of time, we suggest parents confer with their child’s teacher regarding the best time for optimal enjoyment/involvement.

There are various opportunities to share an area of expertise or hobby within the classroom environment; such as baking, crafts, insight into a families cultural traditions and their professional expertise such as fire fighter, police officers, dentists, chefs, and scientists.  Please let your child’s classroom teacher know if you are interested in this type of opportunity.   

Parents are encouraged to be a room parent, visit as a mystery guest, attend dinners and celebrations such as an annual art fair and sing a long, family workshops, spruce up days and parent taught enrichment class- Kids in the Kitchen.

Family Events
August- Meet and Greet
October- Halloween Pizza Party
February- Family Pasta Dinner Night
April- Art Fair Sing Along
June- Year End Celebration with The Bubble Guy

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