Teachers / Role Models

Teachable Moments recognizes that the strength of our program is in the commitment and dedication of our teachers.  For this reason, we employ individuals who have credentials, vision, passion, a natural love of children, and who are motivated to continue to learn and grow.  All employees must share our standard of quality and support our mission. All employees are carefully selected based on their experience, education, talents and interpersonal skills.  Each teacher brings individual strengths, as well as the desire to collaborate as a team. All employees must pass a thorough check of personal/professional references, a comprehensive health examination and a criminal background check.  Employees are certified in Pediatric CPR and First Aid.  Teachers complete a minimum of 20 hours of Professional Development training each year.

Goals and Objectives

1.  At Teachable Moment’s teachers/role models work towards these goals:

•  Children enjoy themselves, and have the sense that they are lovely, interesting, talented and enjoyable people.
•  Children trust themselves, and have sense that they can meet new experiences successfully, work through frustrations
    toward their goals, and get help along the way as needed from adults. 
•  Children learn to live and play with other children in ways that protect the peace and bring out the fun of being together.
•  Children feel physically and emotionally safe at school, and they have the sense that adults will support them and pay
    attention to their felt needs.

2.   Work in collaboration with parents/guardians:

•  Foster a parent-teacher partnership.   
•  To create cooperation, partnerships, resource-sharing and amiability between teachers, parents and the community.
•  Respect individuality by teaching and practicing the acceptance and appreciation of differences.

3.   Design and implement a developmentally rich and innovative curriculum:

•  Choose activities and materials to facilitate the achievement of developmental milestones using creative, hands-on activities
    on an individual or interactive basis.
•  Recognize the importance of a multi-sensory approach -- one that uses seeing, hearing, touching, feeling, smelling, and
    tasting within each opportunity.   
•  Provide an environment where the child participates in mastered activities and where each child can feel a sense 
    of accomplishment.
•  Concentrate on the process of learning and not the product.
•  Commit to nurturing a child’s self-esteem and confidence, through positive praise and encouragement of all 
    efforts and participation.

4.  Develop and sustain a skilled team of professionals: 

•   Keep abreast of current practices and early childhood trends.
•   Arrange educational training and pertinent in-services, seeking input from staff as to their priorities.
•   Regularly acknowledge the staff for their accomplishments, performance, and dedication.
•   Provide a work environment that is team oriented, and motivating.

5.  Maintain a safe and innovative School:

•   Provide a loving and stimulating environment.
•   Maintain an attractive and clean facility that promotes health and safety.  
•   Provide an environment that promotes exploration and freedom to make choices, an environment that permits children to 
learn about themselves and determine where they fit into the world.

Building a Foundation of Lifelong Learning

Teachable Moments Childhood Program
Indepth Learning Inspired by Children and Embraced by Teachers.